Troy Lighting Pendant Lights Offer a Flexible Form of Lighting

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Like a glittering pendant at the end of a necklace chain, a ceiling pendant light is designed to catch the eye. Whether it sparkles bright or discreetly glows, Troy Lighting offers choice in a pendant light that will be the crowning touch in any room of your home.

Pendant Parts

Like a chandelier, a pendant is a light fixture that is attached to the ceiling. A chandelier typically has several branches, upon each of which sits a bulb. Pendants generally have a more integrated shape and comprise these main parts:
  • The canopy or ceiling cap which conceals the electrical wiring that connects the fixture to the ceiling junction box.
  • The tubing, rod, or chain that connects the pendant to the canopy, and is usually about half-a-foot long.
  • The pendant ring or holder which connects the pendant to the tubing.
  • The pendant or main framework, which can be constructed from a variety of materials, such as glass, metal, or fabric.

Pendant Placement

Lighting professionals have a few basic tips to ensure that your pendant light provides maximum light and visual impact.
Wattage. How much light a room needs can be calculated thusly:
Room length multiplied by room width multiplied by 1.5
So if your room is 16’ x 16’ the amount of wattage the room needs is 384 watts.
That may sound like a lot of watts, but Troy Lighting pendant lights can carry LEDs, an energy-efficient means of getting the illumination you want. A standard incandescent light bulb lasts anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 hours. An LED light can last as long as 50,000 hours!
Pendant Hangers. To adequately light up a room, consider using several Troy Lighting pendants. You can stagger their height for visual interest as well as mix pendant styles. Check with your lighting retailer for a pendant hanger. Operating the same way as track lighting, the pendant hanger is a type of canopy that allows up to three pendants to be hung and connected to just one junction box. The pendants will all work with one light switch.
Head Clearance. If the pendant is to be hung over a table or kitchen island, the general rule is that the bottom of the pendant be at least five feet from the floor. If the pendant isn’t positioned over any furniture, such as in a closet, foyer or hallway, allow for at least six and a half feet.

Pendant Potpourri

Pendant lights come in a stunning variety of styles. Pendant designs can be inspired from nature, such as a sea urchin shell or a beehive. They can be sculptural or industrial. You can choose from antique classics to futuristic pendants shaped like comets and revolving solar systems. The pendant can be clear glass, showing off a cool vintage-style Edison light bulb within. It can be opaque white, a vivid orange or have the iridescent blue of ocean water.
Whatever your taste, there is a pendant to match. From minimalist and modern to pendants that pop with pizzazz, a Troy Lighting pendant light is just like jewelry, ornamenting your home with its quintessential combination of form and function.