Troy Lighting Ceiling Fixture Is a Bright Idea

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The Light in the Window Welcomes You Home

Examine the ways you can add light to your life through the careful selection of a Troy Lighting ceiling fixture. When conceptualizing a decorating or renovation project, it’s easy to overlook lighting, but lighting is what makes a house a home. It’s what you use to read your child a night-time story or to prepare a culinary feast. It lights up your friends’ smiles as you share laughter and conversation. It shows off the photographs and souvenirs from that dream trip. Light can even soothe nerves when watching a scary movie alone at night!

Planning Is Everything

Ceiling lighting can take several forms, such as chandeliers, pendants, flush and semi-flush mounts, track lighting, and pot lights. But before you choose your fixture, consider how that light will be used.
  • Do you need glare-free light for reading or being on the computer?
  • Do you wish the light to be focused on tasks such as food preparation or grooming?
  • Do you desire to create a particular atmosphere, such as a calm bedroom oasis?
  • Do you have art, books, or other collected possessions which are to be highlighted? Or are there imperfections in the room that you wish to conceal, such as a scratch on the wall?
  • Do you want the light fixture itself to be a decorative focal point?

The Measure of a Room

And that’s just the beginning! Other factors include:
  • Will the light go over furniture, such as a dining table or kitchen island?
  • What is the room’s ceiling height?
  • If the light is to be installed near a window, do you wish to keep the window view unobstructed?
  • Are there floor or table light fixtures that you wish to keep in the room? You may wish to coordinate the look.
  • How large is the room? Some ceiling fixtures are more suited for smaller spaces, such as closets and stairwells.
  • Does the room get humid? Not all light fixtures are constructed to work in a bathroom or kitchen due to the steam created by showering or cooking. Look for a fixture designated as suitable for damp or wet environments.
  • Is there an existing ceiling fixture that you are replacing? If not, an electrician will be needed to work on creating a wired connection.

Let There Be Light

Of course, the choice also comes down to personal taste and the design style of your room and home. If you’re not sure what your personal style is, check out a retailer’s online galleries for inspiration. Remember to take note of a fixture’s measurements. Flush and semi-flush mount lights have more flexibility when it comes to ceiling height. Some ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants require adequate clearance space, therefore some styles may not work if you have a ceiling that’s lower than eight feet.
When it comes to light fixtures, there are plenty of choices. From ornate and classical shapes to contemporary and modern, the variety is breathtaking, and Troy Lighting is here to help light up your home and your life.