Troy Lighting Canada Offers Key Points to Consider When Selecting a Light Fixture

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Spotlight on Lighting

A modern light fixture can make a powerful impact in a room, so if considering Troy Lighting in your home in Canada, it’s important to think about how the light will be used, where the light fixture will go and its maintenance.

Task, Accent, or Ambient Lighting

Let’s not be in the dark here. Beautiful lighting must be balanced by functionality. According to the American Lighting Association, home lighting comes under three main categories of use:
1) Task Lighting. Will the lighting be utilized for a kitchen, a bathroom, or an office where being able to clearly see the task at hand is required, such as preparing a meal, getting ready in the morning or working on the computer?
2) Accent Lighting. Think of accent lighting as decorative. Is there art, photographs, or a shelf of collectibles upon which your lighting will draw attention? Likewise, do you want to draw attention away from a flaw in the room, such as a crack in the ceiling?
3) Ambient Lighting. Will the fixture be providing general lighting for an entire room, such as a living room, bedroom, or stairwell? Is sufficient illumination provided by the fixture to safely travel from one end to another?

Ceiling Fixture or Wall Sconce

Unlike portable lights such as desk and floor lamps, which can be moved, ceiling fixtures and wall sconces have a place of permanence. A ceiling fixture is lighting that is attached to the ceiling’s electrical box, such as a chandelier or a pendant. There are also flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling fixtures which are a viable option for rooms with low ceilings, such as in a basement or attic.
A sconce is a light fixture that is attached to a wall, offering safety in areas such as hallways and stairs, where you don’t want to be potentially tripping over electrical cords. In smaller rooms such as bathrooms or closets, a wall sconce offers lighting where space can be scarce.


How Many Owners Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?


GOT YA! There’s no punch line here! Ceiling light fixtures may require dusting and will definitely require light bulbs to be changed down the road, especially in high-traffic areas. That means getting out a ladder. Fortunately, a recent addition to Canada’s lighting marketplace are LED lights (Light Emitting Diodes). An environmentally friendly alternative to most light bulbs on the marketplace, LEDs use significantly less energy. Some LEDs replicate the warm, fuller spectrum light of incandescent bulbs, meaning no harsh, flickering glare on the eyes. The bonus is that LEDs last significantly longer -- sometimes as much as 25 times longer -- and more and more types of LED bulbs are becoming available to fit either existing or new Troy light fixtures.


Bright Idea


A comfortably-lit modern home encompasses a combination of task, accent, and ambient lighting, as well as a blend of fixtures such as a dining room with a ceiling pendant over the table and table lamps on the sideboard. Whether the sunset is early or the day is long, stay out of the dark in Canada by keeping informed about the choices and options you have when it comes to Troy Lighting.