Lighting Ideas for Small Foyers

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Small foyers don’t have to be small on style—with the right lighting ideas, you’ll have a welcoming, modern space for your family and guests.


One way to greet your guests is with one of the biggest steps forward in modern lighting—LED. When you hang ET2’s Moonbeam LED Pendant, you’re showing your modern style as soon as people walk through the door.
LED offers more than just good looks. It also offers an environmentally- and wallet-friendly alternative to traditional bulbs. The bulbs are easy to recycle and have no harmful toxins. You’ll also save money since each LED can last thousands of hours. In fact, some will last up to 100,000 hours before you have to change the bulb. That’s 20 years of use for eight hours a day. Able to work in the cold and heat, the sheer durability of LED lights make them a good choice for your small foyer, where they may be subjected to the elements. LED lighting is also resistant to impact, shock, and vibrations.

Lighting that Small Space

Although your foyer is small, there are lots of big lighting ideas out there to fill your space. You can choose between lights that are flush to the wall, sconces, ceiling lighting, or even hanging pendants.
If the ceiling is at least eight feet high, consider hanging a pendant light. If you have a window over your door, a pendant is a beautiful choice. It can be seen as you approach your door, welcoming you with its light. It should sit about 12” from the ceiling so it’s away from arms as coats are pulled off or bags being lifted off of backs. The beauty of a pendant is that, in such a small space, it can offer the grandeur of a chandelier. You can incorporate the vintage look with Savoy House’s Seneca 4-Light foyer pendant or greet guests with something grander, like the ET2 Spiral 3-Light Pendant or Kichler Foyer Chandelier.
Consider the furnishings also in your foyer since you don’t want your light to overpower other items. In an almost empty foyer, a small chandelier or large pendant makes a good focal point. If there is furniture, you may want a smaller pendant or consider another type of foyer lighting.
Rail lighting is also a popular choice for small foyers. It looks magnificent over hooks or a mirror, providing enough light for people fumbling with buttons or zippers. The Kichler 4-Light Halogen Rail is a good example of stylish, modern rail lighting.
Lamps are a popular way to light foyers. If you’re dealing with a small space and have your heart set on a lamp, choose one that features a light that sits directly over the stand instead of a model that hangs the light to the side. This will give you more room. The Kichler 1-Light Torchiere and 2-Light Floor Lamp are good examples of lamps that work in small spaces.
Planning your foyer lighting can be a fun experience. There are many lighting ideas that will suit a small foyer, no matter what your style.