Choosing Savoy House Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen

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Savoy House pendant lights offer the perfect combination of style and function for your kitchen.

Pendant Lights in the Kitchen

Whether you’re looking to light up a work area or refreshing your décor, there are many different types of Savoy House pendant lights to choose from for your kitchen. Pendant lighting is a good choice for task lighting - a type of lighting that focuses the light on your work area. That’s why using pendant lights over a kitchen island is such a hot trend right now.
Although larger pendant lights work well providing light to the entire room, a mini pendant will light a small area well. The sight of three small pendant lights can have a greater impact than one large light. When choosing lighting to place over your island or kitchen counter, consider using three small pendants, like the Savoy House Kelsey Mini Pendant, to light up the island. Measure carefully so the lights are spaced evenly for a balanced look.
When working with smaller Savoy House pendant lights, try to use an odd number of lights so they draw the eye. When you’re working with larger pendants, sometimes two lights side-by-side are enough so they don’t overpower the space.
You can choose modern glass and chrome pendants or go retro with a pendant like the Vintage Mini Pendant.

How to Hang a Pendant Light in the Kitchen

It’s important to hang your pendant light properly so you have the clearance to work in the kitchen and the lights in the room look balanced. Your Savoy House pendant light should hang 12-20” below an eight-foot ceiling. If your ceiling is higher, add three inches per foot, so a nine-foot ceiling needs a light 15–23” below the ceiling and a ten-foot ceiling needs a light 18–26” below.
If you prefer, you can measure distance from below. It’s wise to give yourself 30–36” clearance over your island, countertop, or table. That distance gives you room to work and keeps the pendant close enough to light the area well. Try not to block the view of the rest of the kitchen and never hang a pendant so low that someone may walk into it. You may get used to moving around a low light but a guest could bang right into it, risking personal injury and destroying your light.


If you find your task lighting too bright, consider adding a dimmer. That way you can turn up the light while you’re working in the kitchen and then dim it for a little mood lighting.
You can choose a colourful pendant light to add a splash of excitement to a neutral kitchen. If the idea of too much colour in the kitchen scares you, consider using coloured bulbs, even if just for special occasions.
Remember that the most important purpose of pendant lights in the kitchen is to light your work area. Style is important but so is function. Savoy House pendants strike the right balance between modern style and effective task lighting.