How to Hang Your Savoy House Chandelier

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Your Savoy House chandelier is an elegant addition to any room in your house. It’s important to hang your chandelier properly so it remains the focal point of the room without overpowering everything in it.

Where to Put Your Chandelier

Gone are the days when your chandelier was in the dining room or other formal rooms. Any interior decorator will tell you that chandeliers have become a hot decorating trend and can be found in bedrooms, foyers, bathrooms, and living rooms across the nation. This has led to an explosion in trendy, modern styles so you can find the Savoy House chandelier that’s perfect for your room.

How to Hang Your Chandelier

Before you pound your first nail, check to ensure your ceiling is strong enough to support your chandelier. If the ceiling had previous water damage or you suspect it may be weak, it may be time to speak to a professional and replace the dry wall. If you’re having work done, let your contractor know that you plan on adding a chandelier to the room so proper precautions can be taken. The last thing you want is to hang that gorgeous chandelier and have it come crashing down.
It’s important to hang your chandelier at the right height. If you’re planning on hanging it over a table or kitchen island, the chandelier should be 30–32” above the table.
If there isn’t a table directly beneath your chandelier, aim for at least seven feet between the floor and the bottom of your chandelier. If you live in a house with soaring ceilings or are placing the chandelier in a two-story room, hang the chandelier nine feet above the floor. Consider where the windows are. You may want to hang the chandelier higher or lower in alignment with the window so you can enjoy the beauty and elegance as you approach your home. A blazing chandelier is a welcoming and stately way to greet your guests as they walk up your walkway.
It’s also important to consider what you’ll be doing in the room. If the room is used for homework, crafts, and other projects that need to be well lit, consider a chandelier that directs the light downwards, like the Savoy House Argo 5-Light Chandelier. For an area where you’d prefer softer lighting, choose a chandelier that directs the light up and away from the eye, like the Savoy House Colton 5-Light Chandelier.

In the Bedroom

Chandeliers in the bedroom are a hot modern trend that’s an easy update for your bedroom. Start by measuring your space. Like any other room, you need to ensure that the chandelier doesn’t overpower the rest of the furnishings and that it’s not undersized and gets lost in the space. For example, a 15 x 19’ room needs a 34” chandelier to feel balanced.
If you have a queen or king-sized bed, use a large chandelier of 34” or 36” in diameter. If the room has a double bed or a twin-sized, try a smaller chandelier. Usually 24” diameter chandeliers are the right size.
Before you hang your Savoy House chandelier, measure the space and consider how the space will be used so your chandelier will fit your sense of style AND your lifestyle.