Savoy House Ceiling Light Is a Savvy Choice

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It’s estimated that almost one in eight Canadians resides in a condominium. With square footage often at a premium, a Savoy House ceiling light is a savvy, space-saving choice in whatever form of house you inhabit.

Down to the Wire

Unlike a floor or desk lamp which simply involves plugging an electrical cord into a socket, a ceiling light needs to be wired to a junction box in the ceiling. If you’re replacing an existing ceiling light with a heavier one, you may need to make sure that the junction box is fastened to the ceiling joist. If not, additional reinforcement will be needed to keep the junction box and your new light fixture in place.
It is imperative that safety protocols are followed, such as turning off all power to the room via your home’s main electrical service panel beforehand. Consult an electrician if your house contains older wiring that might not be fully compatible with your new ceiling light. You can also ask an electrician about putting in a dimmer switch, which controls how muted or bright you want your light to be.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Like no star in the sky is the same, so too is the variety of ceiling light fixtures. What you need to keep in mind is not only the appearance of your Savoy House ceiling light, but also what type of lighting you need. Will it be ambient, task, or accent? Are there windows or furniture over which the ceiling light must be centered? How high is your ceiling? How low is your ceiling? Energy efficient LED lights give thousands of hours of light, but some styles of ceiling fixtures require more care when it comes to replacing light bulbs, such as when the bulb is encased in a glass globe. Also, intricate ceiling fixtures might be more of a challenge to dust.

U.L. and C.U.L. Safety Ratings

If considering installing a new light fixture in a bathroom or kitchen, look for the words "U.L. damp or wet conditions or locations.” U.L. is short for Underwriters Laboratories, meaning it meets U.S. safety standards. C.U.L. indicates that the manufacturer complies with Canadian safety standards across all provinces and territories. A major lighting manufacturer like Savoy House sports both safety designations.

Flush or Semi-Flush

  • Flush Mount Ceiling Light. Often lighting up halls and closets, the fixture is attached flush to the ceiling. With no gap, flush mount ceiling lights make a smart option for small rooms or areas where the ceiling is low. Sleek lines and finishes such as pewter and nickel offer a contemporary look.
  • Semi-Flush Ceiling Light. This type of fixture usually has a gap of a few inches from the ceiling, making it a great compromise for those who like the look of a chandelier or pendant but don’t have the space. Semi-flush fixtures run the gamut of design possibilities, incorporating features such as drum shades, frosted glass, graduated columns, cylinders, and even industrial wire or mesh cages.

Whether you choose a flush or semi-flush mount, with a Savoy House ceiling light, you will be able to light up a room without compromising essential floor or table space -- and without compromising your own design taste be it classic, transitional, or modern.