Robert Abbey Pendant Lights: Illuminating Homes Beautifully

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Pendant lights can be a lovely addition to any home. Whether you are looking to add visual interest to a tired room, illuminate a new renovation or focus light on a working space, pendant lights can be a beautiful option. Contemporary consumers have a wide array of decorative choices, from the simple to the extravagant. Sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. To narrow down the selection, think carefully about the needs of the room, then find a company whose design style you like. Makers of fine lighting, such as Robert Abbey, have a beautifully curated selection of pendant lights. Find the one that is perfect for your home.

Using Light Properly

Often, one of the last design choices a homeowner makes is picking out light fixtures. However, the lighting can make or break the look of a room. Lighting that’s too bright can take the romance out of a bedroom, while dim lighting can make a kitchen dingy. Lighting designers like to think of layers of light; "ambient” generally lights a wide area; "task” illuminates an area for a specific purpose; while "accent” lighting highlights a particular feature of a room. Pendant lights are most often used for ambient or task lighting: in a kitchen nook, over a dining room table, or in a front entrance way. Pendant lights also work well over a games or sewing table. One pendant light might be perfect, but multiple lights over a larger area can also work well.

Think About Style

Before looking at the variety of pendant lights, consider the style of the room. It is sleek and modern? Are you looking for a cottage-style feel? Do you want the light to make a bold statement? For instance, a school house light in polished nickel may be perfect in Cape Cod-styled room. You will also have to think about the quality of light the fixture gives off. For more information about the qualities of various light bulbs, visit the American Lighting Association.

Size and Height

One of the most common places to hang a pendant light is over a dining room table. When considering the height of the light, think about your guests. The light should illuminate the table but not shine glare into your guest’s eyes. You don’t want to block the view of the art on the walls. And in order to keep them from banging their heads on the light, the diameter of the pendant should be at least ten inches smaller than the width of the table. As a rule of thumb, light fixtures should be hung 30-35 inches above the surface of the table or 60-65 inches above the floor.

Robert Abbey Inc.

Once you know what you want, the fun begins. Have a scroll through Robert Abbey’s wide selection of pendant lights, from the classic and simple to some of Jonathan Adler’s spectacular contemporary designs. Robert Abbey Inc. has been manufacturing lighting fixtures since 1948, and pride themselves on quality designs for excellent value. As an American company, their products are available online. However, it is recommended that Canadian consumers buy from an online retailer based in Canada to avoid costly duties and shipping fees.