Robert Abbey: Lighting Canada’s Homes with Style

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Robert Abbey: Lighting Canadian Homes

One of the most underused elements in a home is proper lighting. Often, homeowners pay thousands of dollars for renovations without considering how that beautiful new room is going to be appropriately lit. Lighting can also be an inexpensive way to revitalize an older room: adding colour, warmth and focus. Modern homeowners have such a wide array of lighting features to choose from, the choice can be overwhelming. A good way to narrow the process is to find a lighting company that suits your taste. One of the most popular manufacturers of light fixtures is an American company called Robert Abbey whose stylish lighting fixtures are available in Canada.

Robert Abbey Inc.


Robert Abbey is a family-focused business based out of North Carolina. They have been manufacturing quality lighting since 1948. Many of their employees are third or fourth generation Robert Abbey employees. The company prides itself on exceptional quality and design at competitive and affordable prices. Some of the designers they work with are Jonathan Adler, Albert Wall and Mary McDonald. They offer a wide variety of products, from simple table lamps to spectacular chandeliers. However, before purchasing any fixtures, it’s important to know how to use light properly.


Fundamental Lighting Tips


There are three basic kinds of lighting, each with a different purpose.


Ambient, or general overhead lighting - illuminates a wide area. Ceiling lights, including chandeliers, track or recessed lighting, are good ambient options.


Task lighting - is just that: shedding light on a particular task such as reading, working, cooking, sewing or grooming. Task lighting options include table lamps, track, under-cabinet or pendant lighting. Task lighting should not be bright enough to glare but should protect the eyes from strain.


Accent lighting - adds visual interest to a room, highlighting a particular feature such as a painting, tiles, wall texture, sculpture or cabinet. Some wall sconces are artistic accent features on their own. As a general rule, accent lighting should shed three times as much light on the accented object as the general light around it.


Set the Mood


Lighting can set the mood of a room. Consider if you want a room warm and bright, or soft and romantic. Various lighting elements can give off different moods or change colour tones. Dimmer switches can give many shades of options. Varieties of bulbs can also affect the quality of light. Incandescent bulbs are bright and warm but not energy efficient while halogen bulbs produce a whiter light and are considered more energy efficient. An excellent source for all things lighting is the American Lighting Association. Their website has a plethora of information on everything from wattage to rail lighting.


Available Online


Once you know what you are looking for, do an online search through the Robert Abbey lighting collection. A scan of Robert Abbey products reveals classic, clean modern looks for every lighting need. Although Robert Abbey Inc. does not sell their fixtures directly to consumers, they are available on various reputable websites. When looking for Robert Abbey lighting in Canada, look for a local retailer as shipping fees will be much lower. Buying from an American retailer means extra fees and duties, resulting in higher costs and frustration if anything needs to be returned or exchanged.