Robert Abbey – Ceiling Lights for Your Home

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Robert Abbey – Ceiling Lights for Your Home


Lighting is a key component of a home. The right light fixtures can make your home’s interior brighter and make it easy for you to accomplish day-to-day tasks. The design of a light fixture is as equally important as its functionality. Makers of popular ceiling light fixtures, Robert Abbey, have been designing and producing fine light fixtures for many decades.


About Robert Abbey Inc.


Robert Abbey is a US manufacturer of light fixtures and has been producing beautiful and stylish lighting since 1948. A family-focused business, the company prides itself on its focus on providing trendy products, with high quality and at the right price point. Many fixtures from their product line are manufactured in the US and are distributed or sold through retailers, designers and internet and catalogue merchandisers. Canadian homeowners can buy their products directly from a retailer in Canada or online from a Canadian website. Look for a site that ships within Canada to avoid duty costs.


Robert Abbey lighting is designed by their in-house designers, as well as high-end designers such as Jonathan Adler, Rico Espinet and Mary McDonald. From clean lines to elegance and intricate craftsmanship, these designers bring a luxurious look to the Robert Abbey lighting products.


Popular Robert Abbey Ceiling Lights


One of the most popular product lines in Robert Abbey lighting is their ceiling lights. The majority of homeowners today prefer to layer lighting in a room in order to create more visual interest, bring their décor together and to ensure that there is sufficient light in the space. For example, a kitchen may have recessed lights to provide general illumination and a pendant over the island or kitchen table to provide accent and even task lighting.


Task lighting and ambient lighting (general illumination) are typically provided by ceiling lights. Robert Abbey’s ceiling lights are known for their clean lines with a hint of the, "modern meets traditional world”. Some of the types of ceiling lights that are popular today are:

  • Chandeliers: Used for centuries not only for illumination but also as a status symbol, today’s chandeliers are modern, artistic pieces. They bring style and elegance to any room.
  • Pendants: These lights are suspended from the ceiling with a chain or cable and provide task lighting. Pendant lights are extremely popular today and can be hung in groups over a kitchen counter, island or dining table.
  • Flush mounts: These are lights that are mounted either flush or close (semi-flush mounts) to the ceiling. The light source in most of these fixtures is covered by a glass dome or plate. This type of lighting has been used for many decades as a source of ambient lighting and is popularly used in hallways, foyers and bedrooms.
Whether you are looking for a focal light fixture for your space or one that will provide overall illumination in an area, there are many options available in ceiling lights with Robert Abbey Inc. You can add elegance and glamour to your interior by installing a chandelier, pendant or even a flush mount ceiling light. Whatever your style needs, you can find the right ceiling light for your home that will meet your design and functionality needs.