Choosing Quoizel Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen

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Quoizel pendant lights offer many different styles and are a trendy source of light for modern kitchens.

Putting Pendant Lights in the Kitchen

Whether it’s a full-scale renovation or you’re just updating your décor, pendant lights are a great form of task lighting. Open any interior decorating magazine and you’re bound to see pendant lights over a kitchen island or the sink.
If you’re using a large pendant light, like the Quoizel Piccolo pendant light, you may find that you only need one or two lights to fully light the area. Place them side by side over your island, table, or countertop.
The optimum number of lights is three or another odd number. Odd numbers draw the eye and offer a balanced look. When you’re using a smaller pendant, like the Quoizel mini pendant in Palladian bronze, it’s important to measure carefully so the lights are evenly spaced. Balanced pendant lighting can have a greater visual impact than a single pendant light but you have to do your measurements first. If you’re unsure, hire a professional to place and hang your lights.

How to Hang a Kitchen Pendant Light

When you hang your Quoizel pendant lights in the kitchen, it’s important to hang them at the proper height so you have enough light for your task without the worry of banging into your light.
A pendant light should hang 12 to 20 inches beneath an eight-foot ceiling. With every foot of difference in ceiling height, add three inches. For example, a ten-foot ceiling should have a pendant light that hangs 18–26” below the ceiling while a 12-foot ceiling should have the pendant hanging 24–32” below the ceiling. When you have an extremely high ceiling in the kitchen, you may want to consider a chandelier or hanging larger pendants for more light.
Some people prefer to place their pendant light by measuring the distance between the light and the tabletop, island top, or counter. There should be 30–36” clearance between a pendant light and the surface of the counter. This allows the Quoizel pendant light to fully illuminate your work surface without getting in the way. When you hang your pendant, check to ensure that it won’t obstruct your view of the rest of the kitchen so you won’t have to stretch around it to see. Mini pendants are a good choice for small areas since they provide enough light without blocking your view.

Other Considerations

You may want bright light for working in the kitchen but a softer light while entertaining or in an area adjacent to the kitchen. Consider installing a dimmer so you can adjust the light to suit the task.
If you’re looking for a little colour, consider a more colourful pendant design. Even adding an unusually coloured bulb can add some excitement to your lighting.
Just remember that the purpose of your kitchen pendant is to light up a task area. Place them strategically so they light up surface areas where needed. Since hanging multiple pendant lights is such a hot trend right now, it’s important to remember to measure properly before you get swept away by the beauty of your Quoizel pendant lights.