The Right Quoizel Ceiling Lights for Your Home

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When you’re trying to decide on the type of Quoizel ceiling light that’s right for your home, it’s important to consider ceiling height before making your decision.

Low Ceilings

If your ceiling is seven and a half feet or lower, a flush ceiling light is necessary. If you cringe at the thought of a dowdy flush-mount ceiling light like mom and dad had, think again. Quoizel has a wide variety of modern ceiling lights so you can find one to fit your style. If you’re looking for something modern, glass and chrome is always a good look, like this flush-mount polished chrome ceiling light or one with a fun design worked into the glass like this modern chrome ceiling light. If you prefer the retro look, newer Palladian bronze flush-mount lights make the vintage look anything but boring.

Medium Ceilings

Medium ceilings measure about eight feet or lower. Your best choice for this type of ceiling is a semi-flush light or a flush light. You have enough clearance to have a more playful light that may hang down a little more. For example, the flush-mount Millenia ceiling light is a fun, modern light that wouldn’t work on a lower ceiling. This semi-flush light is a good example of modern semi-flush design.

High Ceilings

If you have a high ceiling, the sky is the limit for lighting choices - well, almost. A high ceiling allows you to put pendant lights or chandeliers in the room.
If you like pendant lights, try to stick with a larger pendant, like the Quoizel Piccolo pendant light. If the room is large, you may want to consider placing a line of equally-spaced pendant lights to provide more light. Try to hang three lights or another odd number since odd numbers tend to appear more balanced and draw the eye.
If your ceiling is nine feet tall, your pendant light should hang 15–23” below the ceiling. For every foot higher than nine, add three inches to hanging height. This means a ten-foot ceiling has a pendant light that hangs 18–26” below the ceiling and so on.
There are so many designs that it’s easy to have some fun with your pendant lights. You can pick modern designs like the Satin Copper Pendant that are playful and relaxed—perfect for the family room. For a retro look, try the Western bronze pendant.
If your ceiling is strong enough and you’d prefer one fixture that provides light across the room, consider a chandelier. You’ll need to leave at least seven feet of clearance between the floor and the chandelier’s bottom. If it’s a two-story ceiling, you can hang it nine feet above the floor for a majestic focal point.
It can be overwhelming when you start your search for the perfect ceiling light since there are so many different colours, sizes, and even types of lights. The height of the ceiling should be the first factor you consider before choosing your new Quoizel ceiling lights.