Vintage Light Fixtures Online Modernize a Classic Idea

By Sasha Skye
Vintage Lighting – A Look Back and Forward   The earliest of our attempts to control and manipulate light reach back to about 70,000 years to the creation of a simple lamp made of shells and animal fat that could be used for extremely short periods of time, but that seemed almost ...
PlayMid-century Modern Lighting Shines into the Future midcenturymodernlighting

Mid-century Modern Lighting Shines into the Future

By Sasha Skye
Mid-century Modern Lighting   There is something slightly magical about incorporating elements of the past into a modern product that creates and atmosphere of style and mystique all at the same time. Many people readily admit that one of the most fashionable time periods in ...

LED Chandeliers Are Good for You and for the Environment

By Sasha Skye
LED Chandeliers Benefit More than Your Home   Slowly but surely we are finally starting to get on the right track with the environment. From increasing our use of renewable energy, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and finding more sustainable ways to live in harmony with ...
Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting Provides Style and Security img 0620

Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting Provides Style and Security

By Sasha Skye
Your home is an extension and expression of your personality, and as such, should convey a sense of comfort and familiarity as well as modern style. Outdoor lighting is one of the most important elements, as it is seen not only by guests, but also the public who pass by your home. ...
PlayBuying My Light Fixtures Online buyingmylightfixturesonline

Buying My Light Fixtures Online

By Sasha Skye
Benefits of Buying Light Fixtures Online   Whether you are a first-time online shopper or someone who has discovered the benefits many times before, perusing items from the comfort of your home computer can provide you with multiple reasons to choose to do your shopping on the ...

Lighting Ideas and Trends for Kitchens

By Sarah MacNeil
A home without updated lighting lacks flare and style. With the vast array of options currently available online, DIY projects are easier than ever.   Here are a few things one should know about shopping online and starting their very own DIY lighting installation project at ...

LED Light Fixtures to Spruce Up Canadian Homes

By Sarah MacNeil
Does shopping for light fixtures in your local hardware store send your brain into a tailspin? With so many options currently available on the market, shopping for the most ideal lighting can be confusing and threatening - some make the mistake of impulse purchase far too often. The ...
PlayBuy Light Fixtures Online in Canada buylightfixturesonlinecanada

Buy Light Fixtures Online in Canada

By Sarah MacNeil
The world of online shopping is continually improving as each day passes. In today's world, almost anything under the sun is available to purchase online. Light fixtures can be bought online and delivered right to your home, saving you time and money.   Design trends are changing ...
Installing a Dining Room Chandelier img 1411

Installing a Dining Room Chandelier

By Sarah MacNeil
The importance of good home design is more important than it ever has been. Keeping your home looking modern and stylish is easier than it seems. Sometimes, all a bland space needs is an interesting and new chandelier.   Chandelier Trends and Styles   Nowadays, chandeliers ...
PlayWhy Choose Restoration Hardware Lighting restorationhardwarelighting

Why Choose Restoration Hardware Lighting?

By Jayne B
Restoration hardware lighting can totally modernize your room and is very on trend. The process entails taking previously used hardware pieces and re-inventing them. Their designs are often maximized in the creation of the new lighting piece.   Why Restoration Hardware?   ...

A Buyer’s Guide to Long Chandeliers Online

By Jayne B
So you’ve decided to spice up your dining area with a beautiful long chandelier. Maybe you’ve been scouring through Pinterest, magazines and blogs and to find something that suits your taste. Now where can you find the long chandelier of your dreams? Online of course! Searching for ...
PlayWhy Choose Canadian Lighting Stores Online canadianlightingstoresonline

Why Choose Canadian Lighting Stores Online?

By Sasha Skye
Buying products from Canadian lighting stores online has never been easier or more economical. By purchasing lighting fixtures from a Canadian company, you can not only be assured of the product’s quality, but also that you are paying the lowest possible price due to the avoidance ...
PlayAdd Sparkle to Your Room With the Best Crystal Chandeliers bestcrystalchandeliers

Add Sparkle to Your Room With the Best Crystal Chandeliers

By Jayne B
A room is only as good as its lighting. If you’re thinking about remodelling or renovating your space, remember that how the space is lit is a key component to how you and your guests will feel about using it. Utilitarian lighting (like recessed lighting or ceiling-mounted fixtures) ...

Small Space Chandeliers Make a Big Statement

By Andrea Smith
Functional and Fabulous   The term ‘chandelier’ can conjure up images of ornate and old-fashioned light fittings, complete with plastic faux candles and gold or bronze branches. Small space chandeliers; however, are following a renewed design aesthetic that appreciates clean ...

Online Lighting Store in Canada for Bright Solutions

By Andrea Smith
Convenient Bright Ideas   Lighting can make your house appear bigger, fresher and decidedly more chic, as well as add value and style. Don’t be limited by brick and mortar store hours by browsing the pages of an online lighting store in Canada at your convenience.   ...