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Murano Glass Chandeliers for a One-of-a-Kind Look

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Murano Glass Chandeliers for a One-of-a-Kind Look

Take your home to the next level with a Murano glass chandelier. These light fixtures are creative, artistic and one-of-a-kind. Let your unique style shine! Murano glass chandeliers offer a nice alternative to the clear crystal chandeliers more typically seen. While beautiful, the traditional crystal chandelier doesn’t offer much for those looking for a light fixture that’s fun, colourful, opulent and unique.
Murano glass offers a very wide-ranging selection of colour choices and patterns. From bold, rich, vibrant colours to soft water colour palettes reminiscent of Monet’s water lilies, there is a colour theme to match your current or soon-to-be interior décor. What’s more, Murano glass can be blown into many different shapes, including soft flower pedals, intricate twigs and branches and more, all to create a great deal of visual interest.
Commonly seen and used as decorative vases, bowls, figurines and more, as well as jewellery, like bracelets, pendants, watches and all sorts of other applications, one of the earliest uses of Murano glass was for chandeliers.

But First, What Is Murano Glass? The History & How It’s Made

Knowing the history of Murano and how it’s made is where its priceless value lies. It’s engrained in Italian tradition – the epicentre of art and style. Glass blown, Murano glass requires a great deal of skill, patience and precision to make.
Murano glass is a type of glass that was used more and more for chandeliers beginning in the 18th century – around the same time that lead crystals were being manufactured more for chandeliers. It began in Italy, specifically, Murano, the collection of islands just north of Venice, Italy, as Murano glassmakers were looking to make new glass and mirrored products. During this era, Murano glassmakers were the trailblazers of glasswork.
To make just a single Murano glass bead involves materials like clear glass and gold or silver leaf. The clear glass is first melted to a malleable consistency and is then rolled out and shaped into the desired bead shape. Before the glass has cooled and while it is still flexible, gold or silver leaf is continuously applied to the clear bead, until it is completely covered. Then, more glass is melted to cover the metallic bead. At this point, the bead is now shaped into what the final shape should be. Instead of using clear glass, colour glass is more often used, as that is what Murano glass is known for. Typically, silver leaf is used for cooler shades, such as blues, as the silver intensifies cool colours. When in the hands of a skilled, professional Murano glassmaker, gold leaf is used to alter the colour of the glass to achieve some really interesting and intense colours.
Italy is known for its style sense and forward design. Murano glass chandeliers have a contemporary look that has ironically stood the test of time – since the 18th century, to be a little more exact. Each and every Murano glass light fixture is unique. Shaped into any look with a vast range of colour options, these chandeliers can be added to any home and any room.