Modern Tiered Chandelier for Contemporary Tastes

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Modern Tiered Chandelier for Contemporary Tastes

Just like window treatments, area rugs, throw pillows and more, a chandelier is one of the finishing décor elements that help complete the interior design of your space and really tie the look of your room together. But many homeowners see chandeliers as too opulent and traditional for their tastes. These days, with so many modern tiered chandeliers available, there are many contemporary chandelier options for those with a personal style that reflect current trends and tastes.
To help you decided on which modern chandelier you’ll be most happy with in your home or commercial space, we’ve broken down some of the most popular ones available today.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are considered to be the most traditional chandelier in terms of style and appearance. But with a broader range of shapes and sizes available, crystal chandeliers now come in more geometrical shapes with cleaner lines, offering a minimal, sleek and chic look.
In addition to style, shape, size and the colour and strength of the light emitted, another aspect to consider when investing in a crystal chandelier is the types of crystals used.
Some of the main types of crystals seen in both traditional and modern tiered chandeliers are:
  • Legacy / Italian / Venetian crystal
  • Strass / Strass Swarovski crystal
  • Handcut / Heritage Handcut / Turkish crystal
What makes each type of crystal different from another is the type of oxide the crystal contains and its oxide ratios, as well as how it’s cut and polished. These factors also help determine the price and value of your crystal chandelier.
To keep your contemporary crystal chandelier clear and luminous, be sure to regularly dust it with a feather duster or a gentle microfiber cloth, since these cleaning materials work well to remove dust without causing any damage. Using a mild dish soap to more thoroughly clean the crystals when necessary will help keep your chandelier clean.

Mesh Chandeliers

Mesh chandeliers are another modern approach to chandelier-style fixtures. Mesh on its own or with another material –usually crystals – helps to add visual interest while maintaining the clean, minimal lines that complement contemporary spaces. Mesh works well to diffuse light, which makes mesh chandeliers excellent fixtures for mood lighting.

Murano Glass Chandeliers

Murano glass is another chandelier material that is rooted in tradition. Both Murano glass and crystal were used to construct chandeliers around the 18th century. While centuries old, Murano glass chandeliers – just like crystal chandeliers – offer many modern designs.
Murano glass comes in a symphony of colours and can be moulded into all sorts of shapes, ranging from clear glass to solid deep blues and fiery reds, and from traditional flower and leaf designs to abstract and foreign shapes. Each and every Murano light fixture is one-of-a-kind and completely unique.

Bare Bulb Pendants

While bare bulb pendants are reminiscent of the days of Edison, they are one of the most current types of light fixtures available. Bare bulb pendants look like filament bare, incandescent bulbs and consist of very minimal materials, lines and shapes. Bare bulb fixtures come in a number of options, including a single pendant, a chandelier, which is a couple or more bare bulbs grouped together – often hung at different levels to achieve a tiered look – a floor lap, sconces and so on. The most common types of bulb shapes used for these fixtures include: the general (A) bulb, the mushroom (E) bulb, the tubular (T) bulb and the sign (S) bulb.

Modernize crystal and Murano chandeliers, as well as mesh chandeliers and bare bulb pendants are just some of the contemporary lighting options available for trendy tastes. To find out about the other modern tiered chandeliers available, get in touch with your light fixture retailer. Check online for light fixture retailers and their websites to view a complete list of their available inventory.