Minka Lavery Lighting Products Are Perfect For the Outdoors

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Minka Lavery Is Just a Click Away

Installing modern outdoor lighting for your home and property can be an extremely daunting task. Outdoor lighting needs to be aesthetically pleasing but also needs to be functional, to ensure proper and safe visibility of your home. If you are looking for outdoor lighting options, then consider the products of Minka Lavery, a company that has been at the forefront of modern lighting design for decades. Minka Lavery’s products are of exceptional craftsmanship and elegance, and offer a range of collections. It remains one of the most innovative, design-driven manufacturers of home and commercial lighting. Minka Lavery products are just a click away on websites such as Click Lighting, which is a great resource for lighting design and ideas. Click Lighting delivers exceptional, finely crafted lighting design fixtures and products all across Canada.

Selecting Outdoor Lighting

Choosing lighting for the outdoors involves different variables than selecting interior lighting for your home. Ambience can still be an important factor and something to consider since your lighting will make or break a first impression of your home as it is seen from the street. Keep in mind that your exterior lighting and external fixtures are some of the first elements that people notice about your home. It’s important to select lighting fixtures that are the appropriate size, style and colour that will convey a warm welcome and guide all visitors safely to your front door.

Keep It in Perspective

Homeowners often make the mistake of choosing fixtures that are much too small and out of proportion to the scale of their front door. Also consider the fact that light fixtures look about as half as big when seen from across the street. It’s generally a good idea to select the larger light fixture if you’re trying to decide between two sizes. Finally, the front door is the most important portal to your home so it’s best to select a light fixture with the most design impact for this purpose. In terms of colour for your light fixtures, bronze can be a popular choice with earth tones and black can be a viable option as well.
Be sure to pay attention to the key design features of your home and choose fixtures that bring out the best in these architectural elements. Always ask for opinions and assistance if ever needed!
In terms of maintenance and care, exposure to the sun’s UV rays will age exterior light fixtures faster than anything else. Also high on the list of culprits are bird droppings and airborne pollution that settles as dust and grime. To keep your external light fixtures in working order and looking their best, wipe them regularly with a clean, wet soft cloth (with water only) and be sure to polish your fixtures after each cleaning with silicone car wax.

Outdoor Style and Selection

Minka Lavery has a special, extensive collection for outdoor lighting called The Great Outdoors. Whether it’s a wall mount, lantern style or a post mount, with a bronze or rust finish, Minka Lavery’s collection has functional and stylish options for every home. The collection also offers designs that support LED lighting, which is an efficient and cost-effective, long-term solution for lighting, compared to the more conventional incandescent bulbs. To save time, consider buying outdoor lighting fixtures online through websites such as Click Lighting, which can deliver throughout Canada without any extra fees. Another particularly excellent resource is the American Lighting Association, which provides comprehensive and valuable advice for homeowners and designers looking for lighting design information.