Mesh Chandeliers for Ambient Lighting

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Mesh Chandeliers for Ambient Lighting


Chandelier light fixtures today are available in all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes, which offers more of a variety to customers in terms of appearance, functionality and, not to mention, price! You now have the option to create anything that suits your style. What started out once as an unfixed, candlelit light fixture made of wood and/or cast metal that was held to light the way from one room to another, chandeliers now come in a variety of styles, such as mesh chandeliers, crystal chandeliers and more.


Background: How Chandeliers Began


Prior to the 15th century, chandeliers were more like small candelabras and lanterns. They had to be small enough to carry by hand, as they were used to light the way of the holder and illuminate whatever room in which the candelabra or lantern would be placed. It wasn’t until the 18th century that crystal chandeliers started to be made more and more.


Crystal Chandeliers


Today, crystal chandeliers come in a diverse range of styles, colours, sizes, shapes and finishes. Some are pure and clear, with branches and dangling beads, while others are coloured with no branches or arms and made of crystal prisms. Regardless, all types of crystal chandeliers are sure to give off that brilliant sparkle when illuminated. Some of the most popularly used crystals are:

  • Heritage Handcut
  • Strass Swarovski
  • Legacy
The different types of crystals differ in their oxide ratios and the techniques used to cut and polish the crystals.
Heritage handcut crystals are also referred to as Turkish crystals. They’re cut by hand and they’re polished by hand. Cutting these crystals is a two-step process. First, an iron grinding wheel is used. Then, a sandstone grinding wheel is used. Polishing these crystals involves a wood wheel and marble dust. This approach is one that has been used for centuries, making it ideal for those looking for something more "authentic.”
Strass crystals are made by Swarovski AG. These crystals are extremely pure in clarity and luminousness, as they are cut and polished by machine. These crystals are also given an application of an anti-dust coating, making it easy to maintain their shine.
Legacy crystals are also referred to as Italian crystals or Venetian crystals. They are not cut or polished using machine or hand. They are cut – or rather, moulded and polished – using fire. This results in a quieter, less obvious sparkle.
Whatever type of crystal you go with, crystal chandeliers are perhaps the most traditional and common type of chandelier seen today. A modern take on this type of chandelier is the mesh chandelier, as it tends to have a more modern flair. Chandeliers made of both crystal and mesh offer the best of both looks.

Mesh Chandeliers

Have you ever seen a mesh chandelier? These chandeliers that use mesh often use the material to make up almost a type of lamp shade. By using mesh, a more elegant, sophisticated look is achieved in comparison to regular lamp shades. The mesh helps to diffuse the light and project a softer, ambient mood lighting.
Mesh can also be used to make up the entire chandelier, rather than being limited to the shade. These mesh curtain chandeliers are more opulent and achieve a more traditional and ornate appearance.
Whether you go with an all crystal chandelier, all mesh, or a mixture of the two, there is a style to match your personal style and décor – and your budget.