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Maxim Pendant Lights for Every Type of Room

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Maxim Pendant Lights for Every Type of Room

Making an Impression
One area where Maxim lighting clearly shows a wealth of variety is in their range of pendant lights. While we can go into the advantages of light diffusion and reflection later, the first consideration anybody has when buying pendant lights is the "wow” factor. Pendant lights are a modern relic of an older time, of huge chandeliers designed for dining rooms, ball rooms and grand foyers. While we may have a slightly scaled down version of the type that would have graced nineteenth century dinner parties, the effect we’re seeking is the same – that of a big impression! For that reason, we find that many of the most highly decorative and dramatic light designs will include pendant lighting.
Their Natural Habitat
With a desire to impress in mind, pendant lights are often an ideal choice for social rooms in the home, or business. They can diffuse light gently from above, while reflecting light off the ceiling above. The effect is one of widening a space, while creating a focal point for the eye, which is very relaxing and pleasing for anyone in the room. Used properly, they can be a wonderful source of ambient light to base your lighting plan around.
Choosing Your Statement
Going through the Maxim range, one finds that they make allowances for all the different environments in which their pendants light may be needed. One is as likely to find a 3-foot long linear bank of polished chrome vine leaves as a simple high bay mini pendant light. The first may make a perfect centrepiece over a kitchen island or dining area, while the second might be used in quantity in a restaurant, to make little pools of light for each table.
There is a great range in style as well. The Chantilly chandelier is a pendant of polished nickel chains that are draped to look almost like cloth. The effect is a softened light, designed for a relaxed social setting. At the other end, in terms of design, is the Mimi LED 18 light pendant. An organically inspired explosion of bright red chrome, at 6 feet in over-all height, it is designed to work as an eye-catcher, tying everything else together in the room. This is not something designed for a quiet family room, but is more a statement piece, for an opulent foyer, or a chic club or restaurant.
Modern Maxim
While some of their inverted pendants pay tribute to a more traditional setting, with a warmer colour for home or restaurant, their statement pieces are all extremely modern. Polished metal pieces, or warm light wood in origami-like shapes, they are aimed at the minimalist market; a breed of customer that only craves simple lines and well-made pieces. They eschew the fussy patterned lampshades or too-bright overhead light of previous generations in favour of these stream-lined creations, which soften the light and set everyone at ease.
Maxim seems to thrive on its variety and adaptability. A company that has been around for 45 years, some of which saw times of brutal change in the North American market place, they have made allowances for every kind of lighting needed.