Maxim in Canada – A Solution to Many Lighting Needs

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Maxim in Canada – A Solution to Many Lighting Needs


Lighting Needs


Maxim have been selling a wide variety of light fixtures for 45 years and these fixtures are now available in Canadian showrooms and on lighting websites. There is something for every need and taste, including ceiling lights, pendants, chandeliers, track lights, outdoor lighting, showpiece light fixtures, hidden LED strips and single lights that produce accent lighting in cabinetry.  Being able to choose from a wide selection of lighting choices is important in order create varying degrees of comfort and atmosphere for each room of the your home.


Lighting Plans


Whether you’re building or renovating, a lighting plan has to be high up on your decorative to-do list. The most beautifully designed room can seem dull and cramped if not complimented by a well-considered lighting plan. In Canada, the long winters can make one feel a little overwhelmed by the cold and dark. Some well-placed warm lighting can make you feel cozy and protected.


Ambient Lighting


There are three basic types or "layers” of lighting that a trained interior decorator will take into account when setting up a lighting plan. There is ambient lighting, usually installed as an over-head "down light”. Ambient lighting is the most spread out layer of light; the basic functional layer. Although down lights are most common for ambient lighting, the same effect can be achieved with an inverted bowl or wall sconces, which will diffuse the light a little more gently. Wall sconces are certainly a good idea in the dining room, where the lighting should suggest relaxation and conviviality.


Accent Lighting

Next, there is accent lighting. This may draw attention to a feature such as appealing parts of the room, a piece of art or a prized piece of furniture. It might also be used to accent certain surfaces. For example, small hidden directional lights at the top of a cabinet  can be used to widen the appearance of the ceiling and soften the room at the edges.


Task Lighting


The last layer is task lighting. This is lighting used to specifically pinpoint areas of activity that require more light than that provided by ambient light.  This could be incorporated in many ways including a standing lamp beside a particular reading armchair, or a pendant or standard lamp to illuminate a writing desk.


Disperse it Evenly


Once you’ve comfortably grasped the concept of the lighting layers, it is important to remember to keep that distribution of light even over the whole house. For instance, warm, gentle, ambient lighting should be provided in all rooms, accent lighting only installed in appropriate areas to highlight features and task lighting only in areas where required.


Maxim lighting offers light fixtures that not only fit all these needs, but some of which are available in an energy efficient version, allowing you to save money while lighting your home in a manner that complements your style. Their pieces are available online and in a number of Canadian showrooms.