Hanging Your Maxim Chandelier

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Hanging your Maxim chandelier properly is important so it captures the elegance and modern style of your room without overpowering the furniture and other designer pieces in the room.

Not Just for Dining Rooms Anymore

In modern interior design, chandeliers aren’t restricted to the dining room anymore. You can find them in living rooms, foyers, bedrooms, and bathrooms, as well as any other room that demands a dramatic focal point.
Now that the chandelier has moved out of the dining room, there are more chandelier styles to choose from than ever before. If you’re considering a chandelier for your home renovation project or to modernize the look of a room, an interior decorator may be able to help you find the right Maxim chandelier to complement your style and enhance your décor.

Maxim Chandelier in the Bedroom

A chandelier makes a great focal point in the bedroom, adding a touch of romance or whimsy. You can find a chandelier to fit modern style or choose one like the Maxim Towne 6-Light Chandelier for a little old fashioned candlelight romance – with a modern electric twist.
Before shopping for a Maxim chandelier, it’s important to measure your room. A chandelier that’s too large or small for the space will be distracting and won’t have the impact a chandelier deserves. For a 15’ x 19’ room, you’ll need a 34” diameter chandelier.
Also look at your furnishings. A twin or double bed will need a smaller chandelier so the bed isn’t overpowered by the light source. Try a 24” diameter chandelier over a small bed. For a queen or king size chandelier, stick to 34” or 36” diameter chandeliers.

Basic Rules for Hanging Your Chandelier

The first rule for hanging a chandelier is to ensure the ceiling will support it. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your beloved chandelier come crashing to the ground. Ensure that you have all the necessary equipment before hanging the chandelier and that any hardware you buy separately from the chandelier is strong enough to support it.
No matter which room you hang your new Maxim chandelier in, you need to ensure that it hangs at the proper height. If you place it in the dining room, over a kitchen island, or over another type of large table, you should have the chandelier at least 30–32” above the tabletop.
For most rooms, leaving at least seven feet between the floor and bottom of the chandelier is appropriate. If you have soaring Victorian ceilings or a two-story foyer, try hanging your chandelier nine feet above the ground. If you have a window in your foyer or in another room, you may want to hang the chandelier a little lower or higher so it can be seen outside.
If it’s hanging in a room where you’ll be doing work or crafts, consider a chandelier like the Maxim Malaga 5-Light Chandelier. It directs the light downwards, onto the page or computer area. If you’re putting it in a room where socializing or soft lighting is key, choose a chandelier that directs light upwards, like the Maxim Stefan 3-Light Chandelier.
By taking the time to measure your space properly, you can maximize the impact of your Maxim chandelier.