Illuminating a Home’s Potential with a Kichler Pendant Light

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Choosing appropriate lighting for a space can be the most crucial element in a home’s completion. When used to its full potential light has the ability to achieve tone, personality, and ambience; by reflecting the personality of the room and the homeowner. It has the capacity to be both practical and beautiful. Depending on the task and design required, a Kichler pendant light offers a functional and modern way to sculpt the focal point of a room; in order to illuminate its full potential.

Practicality Through Beauty

The addition of quality lighting provides more than a functional purpose. Pendant lights can be used for:
  • ambience;
  • design;
  • accents; or
  • direct task lighting.
They provide a versatile way to highlight specific areas of a home; either positioned over a kitchen island or sink, or by arranging them in a landing. Pendant lights are easily adapted to any location or purpose, and are made from a variety of materials. The type of glass, for example, will greatly effect how the light is diffused. Clear glass, textiles, and metals used in a conventional shade (glass open downwards) will provide a more modern and urban look; naturally diffusing the light. Products like this Kichler mini pendant are useful in spaces that require more functional task lighting, such as a workplace or kitchen. Glass used in an inverted pendant (glass open upwards) will cast the light to the ceiling, naturally opening up the room to create a warm dramatic effect.

Choosing the Right Fixture

The location of the light will determine the size and shape of the pendant needed. Pendant lights are commonly found hanging over:
  • dining room tables;
  • pool tables;
  • kitchen islands and countertops;
  • desks and workspaces, and;
  • clustered in hallways, stairwells, and foyers.
Unique single-light pendants can be hung as a modern centrepiece to a room, while smaller and more playful mini pendants can be arranged in corners. By altering the height of the cord, pendants can be modified to hang at eye level in order to create a fun atmosphere for entertaining around a bar or kitchen island. Closer to the ceiling, they can serve as fashionable track lighting, providing a more functional controlled light.

Lights Online

By shopping online with a company that provides a wide array of choices, the buyer has the chance to browse a range of options and styles. Some companies offer the additional benefit of free shipping to fellow Canadians, making it easy and affordable to find something suitable for your space.

LED Lighting

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are becoming a popular option for pendant lighting and other fixtures. They offer new alternatives to conventional lighting, while providing benefits in:
  • energy efficiency;
  • environmental impact;
  • cost savings;
  • longevity;
  • waste reduction; and
  • flexibility.
Using roughly eight times less energy than a regular incandescent bulb, an LED’s lifespan can last fifty times longer, saving on utility bills and contributing to a greener future.
Homeowners today have the opportunity to create style and atmosphere through their lighting sources, rather than wasting space on bulky and expensive furniture pieces. A Kichler pendant light offers an affordable and stylish way to attain the perfect atmosphere in any modern home or workplace.