Modern Kichler Lighting Fixtures

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Many Options to Choose From

Ceiling-mounted fixtures are especially practical in areas with a great deal of activity, such as hallways, playrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. When you’re shopping for ceiling lights, it can be tough making a decision just because there’s so many options. That’s why it helps to browse online sites such as Click Lighting, which showcases a range of styles and colours featuring quality brands like Hinkley, Robert Abbey or Kichler. You may find that the elegant aesthetic of Kichler ceiling lighting is exactly what your interior space needs to make an impact and elevate the comfort and modern look of your home.

Flush Mount Vs. Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

There are some key terms that are helpful to know when it comes to ceiling lighting. Lights that attach to the ceiling with little or no gap between the fixture and the ceiling are called flush mounts. These are versatile, clean and sleek fixtures that are usually best for homes with a modest ceiling height. Brushed nickel, bronze and alabaster etched glass are common combinations of materials for flush mount lights and all are featured in the Kichler ceiling lighting collections. Flush mount lights are subtle fixtures but can also be quite striking and modern when placed in the right room.
Lights that attach to the ceiling with a stem or piece that creates a space between the ceiling and light are called semi-flush lights. Semi-flush lights are a hybrid of chandelier and flush mount lighting. If you have higher ceilings, then semi-flush lights would be a good option. As well, if you’re looking for lighting in your kitchen, consider hanging a semi-flush ceiling light over your kitchen island to give the space some character. Changing light bulbs in semi-flush lighting can be a little easier compared to flush mount lighting and some argue that semi-flush fixtures are more versatile.
Ceiling lights can be placed in highly visible areas in your living space for dramatic effect or they can work well in areas of the house that don’t get much focus, such as hallways and closets. Cost-efficient LED lighting is very popular at the moment and either flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling designs could accommodate this type of lighting. Regardless, there are so many varieties of both flush mount and semi-flush mount lighting offered by designers like Kichler that you’re bound to find something in either design that best suits the rooms in your home.

Where to Start

If you’re not certain where to start, it’s a good idea to visit a showroom in person to get a sense of the scope and look of the type of lighting you’re considering. This can supplement any online browsing you may be doing and you may find that websites such as Click Lighting often carry a wide selection of products that can be shipped to you anywhere in Canada. If you’re also looking for expert advice on lighting design in general, consider looking up the American Lighting Association website. This is a comprehensive resource on the aesthetics of lighting design. Another way to ensure you’re getting the best possible guidance for your Kichler lighting fixture is hiring an interior design. Be sure to consult either the Canadian Decorators’ Association or the Interior Designers of Canada for assistance.