Kichler – Lighting Homes Across Canada

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Kichler – Lighting Homes Across Canada

Homeowners today have access to such an exciting array of lighting options for their homes. Whether you are looking for an artistic focal piece to add drama to a room or energy saving outdoor lights, there are innumerable lighting options available to meet your style and décor needs. From all types of interior to modern outdoor lighting, homeowners in Canada can find the right fixtures for their lighting needs at Kichler.

Kichler Lighting

Offering distinctive, stylish and chic lighting products, Kichler has been in the business since 1938. Their collection of lighting fixtures includes interior and exterior lighting that can transform your space. Modern design trends involve using traditional concepts in unexpected ways and areas. For example, once traditionally used in foyers, homeowners today are experimenting with the placement of chandeliers, which can be now found in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms! Kichler’s lighting is stylish, multi-functional and versatile, letting you experiment and transform your interiors or outdoors.
Canadian homeowners have access to Kichler lighting products through authorized dealers. A note to Canadian homeowners looking to buy Kichler products: visit an online dealer that ships within Canada to avoid paying duty costs on the lights.

Types of Kichler lighting

With most homeowners today layering lights in their home in order to add depth and interest to the décor, it has become important for a light manufacturer to provide a large array of options to customers. Kichler provides just such a variety to its customers – from chandeliers to track lighting indoors and outdoor lighting. Here are some of the Kichler light products that homeowners can choose from:
  • Chandeliers: Gone are the days when chandeliers used to be large and bulky. Today’s chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes and are being installed in unexpected areas. Kichler offers stylish chandeliers and mini chandeliers that can be installed in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, etc. These chandeliers are perfect for adding the "wow” factor to a room.
  • Track lighting: These are smaller fixtures that offer great flexibility in moving the light in any direction along the track. Since you can control the direction of the lighting, track lights are an excellent source of accent and task lighting.
  • Pendants: Kichler offers many styles in pendants and mini pendants that can elevate the décor of your room. A popular choice in lighting today, pendants are suspended from the ceiling with a cable or chain and offer both task and ambient lighting.
  • Ceiling lights: These lights can be mounted flush to the ceiling or close to it (semi-flush) and some of them can be used indoors and outdoors. Ceiling lights are used to provide ambient or general lighting and work great in hallways, foyers, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Wall mounts: As the name suggests, these lights are mounted on the walls and can provide all three types of lighting – ambient, task and accent. Wall mounts can be used indoors or outdoors and add elegance and sophistication to any area.
A wide spectrum of Kichler lighting products are available to homeowners in Canada. Along with quality and stylish products, they offer unparalleled customer service. Canadian homeowners can find an authorized dealer online to buy the right light fixtures for their home.