Hinkley Lighting – Find the Right Fixture For Your Kitchen

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Are you renovating or remodeling your kitchen? Chances are that you have selected your kitchen cabinets, island, backsplash, flooring, appliances, and perhaps, even the paint colour. However, what about the lighting? With the kitchen generally being the heart of the home, it is important to incorporate functional yet stylish lighting fixtures into the design. There are a large number of options available in lighting products today that can meet your needs based on your lifestyle and home décor. One brand that stands out with their innovative lighting fixtures is, Hinkley Lighting.
Hinkley Lighting is a global brand that offers quality, value, design, and functionality in their lighting product. Their products are high-quality, artistic pieces that can easily meld with your home décor to give it a luxurious look and feel.

Lighting Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of a house. From meal preparation to entertaining and dining, to kids’ homework, all of this usually takes place in kitchen. Therefore, you need to design your kitchen to include task, ambient, and even accent lighting. Task lighting is one that helps you perform your daily tasks and needs to be a certain brightness. For example, you need task lighting to read. Ambient lighting is used for general illumination of an area, whereas accent lighting is used to draw interest to a specific area. Depending on the complexity of your kitchen, you may need all three types of lighting.
Hinkley Lighting offers a wide variety of kitchen lighting. From modern LED pendants to vintage-inspired chandeliers, their lighting fixtures can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, with no compromise on energy efficiency and functionality. To find the right type of light fixture for your kitchen, consider the following types of fixtures:
  • Pendants: Whether you are looking to make a statement or to add another design aspect to your kitchen, pendants are the way to go. You can install pendant lighting over kitchen islands and even the dining table. Pendants offer a combination of task and ambient lighting. You can group these together to increase the illumination in a specific area.
  • Chandeliers: A decorative lighting fixture that also provides task lighting, chandeliers have been around for a long time. From delicate crystal chandeliers to modern, artistic pieces, chandeliers are still a popular choice when it comes to illuminating the kitchen table.
  • Under-cabinet lighting: While these light fixtures add drama to your kitchen space, they are great for illuminating countertops.
  • Recessed lighting: More homeowners today are veering towards recessed lighting to give their kitchen a modern look. Recessed lighting is used to illuminate the overall area.
When remodeling your kitchen, include lighting fixtures in your design. The right type of lighting fixture can enhance the look of your kitchen. With the many options available in kitchen lighting at Hinkley Lighting, look for a fixture that not only meets your décor needs but also your lifestyle.