Hinkley Lighting - Modern Lighting For Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms are no longer the unadorned, functional spaces that they used to be. Today’s bathrooms are turning to spacious spa-like retreats. Double bathroom sinks to high-end walk-in showers to exquisite marble flooring and elegant tiling, homeowners are looking to add features in the bathroom that provides a calm, spa-like ambience. Along with the listed features, bathroom lighting is of utmost importance and can make the bathroom even more elegant and sophisticated. Hinkley Lighting makes just such bathroom lighting fixtures – modern, stylish, effective, and efficient.

Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom doesn’t just require ambient lighting, it requires task lighting too and therefore, requires a variety of light fixtures. From grooming tasks to relaxing in a bath, the different types of lighting will meet functionality and ambience needs.
Ambient lighting such as recessed lights can be used to illuminate the overall space. You can put these lights on dimmers to set the mood of the bathroom.


Lighting that provides bright illumination is a must over the vanity or around either side of the mirror. Depending on the size of the mirror and vanity, you can use decorative wall mounts on either side of the mirror or a strip of vanity lights over the mirror. If you are installing sconces on either side of the mirror, they must be installed at eye level, approximately 66 inches off the floor. When looking for a light fixture to mount over a vanity, look for one that has thick glass diffusers and that provides white light, which lets you accurately see skin tones. Over vanity lighting must provide even and shadow-free lighting making it easy to perform daily grooming tasks such as shaving.

Shower and Tub

The shower and tub area must also have functional or task lighting that is bright enough for cleaning, grooming, and reading (labels and even books, for those who like to read in a bath). If you have a free standing tub in your bathroom, a modern Hinkley chandelier can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.


You can also add under-cabinet lighting beneath the vanity or other storage cabinets. This provides a soft glow in the empty space under the cabinet or vanity and can be useful as a night light. If you are remodelling your bathroom to include artistic aspects such as a feature wall with high-end tile or an art piece, you can also use accent lighting to draw interest to these areas.
Homeowners today are not looking for just a single light fixture to add to their bathrooms. Whether it is a powder room or a full bath, bathrooms today are elegant, spa-like spaces. Depending on the size of the bathroom, a combination of task and ambient lighting is needed in that space. Task lighting over areas such as the vanity and shower or tub is needed to perform grooming tasks easily, while ambient lighting sets the mood of space. Various options are available in the Hinkley product line that can meet your bathroom lighting needs.