How to Choose a Feiss Pendant Light for Your Home or Office

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How to Choose a Feiss Pendant Light for Your Home or Office

Established in 1955, Murray Feiss’ products come with a great deal of heritage and history. The modern products maintain the same sense of quality and still come available in a range of price points that Feiss originally built his company upon. When choosing a Feiss pendant light for your home or office, it is important to consider scale, function and price when shopping for options.


Pendant lights come in an array of sizes, from large statement pieces to small, elegant lights that work well for grouped settings. Looking at your room’s overall scale is critical, but it is also important to consider where your lights will be hung. For example, if your dining table is long and narrow, a series of smaller pendants may provide better coverage compared to a large, traditional shade.

Function: Uplighting or Downlighting?

Professional interior decorators will often create layers of lighting by using a blend of uplighting and downlighting, depending on the respective space’s needs and functions. Uplighting usually results in a softer, diffused glow since the light is dispersed across the ceiling rather than aimed towards a specific area. Downlighting is ideal for task lighting such as in the kitchen, outdoors or an office, as it focuses light to a centralized point. Downlighting may feel more dramatic for this reason since it visually creates "spaces” within your home. Figuring out what your space’s purpose and needs are will help you narrow down your choices in pendants.


Since the price of a pendant light can range from less than $50 to a couple hundred dollars, creating a budget and sticking to it will help you avoid falling in love with things that are out of your reach. Whether you are looking for a crystal-embellished pendant, retro accent lighting or a modern, wooden structure, Feiss offers a variety of styles at varying price points. If you are considering remodelling your home for future resale value, it can be beneficial to invest in quality light fixtures since they add a luxurious and expensive ambiance to a space.

LED or Incandescent Lightbulbs?

Although many homeowners favour traditional light bulbs for their warmer, softer glow, energy-efficient choices, such as LED, can help you save money in the long-run. Not only will you have to replace them less often, but they also consume less energy, helping to keep your electricity bills low. Many Feiss pendant lights are available in LED lamping options.
For those looking to invest in lighting and fixtures, you may want to consult with a professional interior decorator to get the most bang for your buck. Although lighting may seem straightforward, a professional will be able to help you design your home’s lighting in a way that adds both ambiance and function to your spaces.
It’s always beneficial to see a Feiss light pendant in person, not only to admire its workmanship and quality, but also to determine if your final choice is indeed the best for your home. Although lighting may seem like a product to purchase in a traditional retail store, there are the added benefits of variety and competitive pricing that come with using an online retailer. Click Lighting for example offers its customers free shipping anywhere in Canada for purchases over $100. There are also no additional fees or duties since all the products are shipped from warehouses in Canada.