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Chandeliers for Today’s Home

Chandeliers used to be considered an extravagant design option but times have changed. These days, they are more modern and affordable than ever, especially if you buy them online at sites such as Click Lighting, one of Canada’s top resources for lighting fixtures and design. When purchasing a chandelier, consider a well-established designer such as Murray Feiss, which has offered unique and top-quality designs since 1955. Certain Feiss designs also accommodate the latest trends in lighting, such as LED. In some of their collections, their chandelier designs even embed LED lighting into the structure of the chandelier for a truly modern finish.

Lighting as an Accessory

Before you go ahead and invest in a new lighting fixture such as a chandelier, take a moment and think about your interior lighting needs. Lighting is a key accessory in your home. When planning your interior lighting design, there are many questions to consider. What primary activities will occur in the room? Will the room be used for reading, food preparation or grooming? What kind of mood do you want to create? What are the decorative elements in your room that you want to emphasize? If you are choosing a chandelier as a light fixture, it’s most likely that it will be the focus piece to the entire room, so consider the size, materials and the placement of the piece.

Size and Placement Is Everything

The chandelier needs to be proportional to the room so that it doesn’t overpower the space or appear too small to make an impact. Also, don’t just consider a chandelier for spaces such as the dining room, bedroom or kitchen. Chandeliers can also work at the top of the stairway, in a foyer or a bathroom. With Feiss chandeliers, you could try a single-tier or multiple-tier chandelier for something more ornate and striking. Or, for the hallway or foyer, a hall design chandelier or large pendant-style fixture, made of wrought metal can be an elegant and modern option.

Caring for Chandeliers

There are several ways to care for and clean your chandeliers. The simplest method is to spray cleaning solution on a damp cloth and use the cloth to wipe down all the hanging and/or decorative aspects of the chandelier, while leaving them attached to the frame. Another option is to remove all hanging elements from the fixture and gently wipe each piece down separately. This process will obviously take longer and you will have to reattach the hanging elements after each piece has been cleaned and polished. Don’t ever directly spray solution on your chandelier because the cleaning solution could damage any non-crystal elements on the frame. Cleaning chandeliers can be time-consuming, but their upkeep is worth the investment.

Further Advice

Before going ahead with your interior lighting design plans or before even purchasing your Murray Feiss chandelier online, you may want to get some expert advice first. Along with taking a look at the Click Lighting site, which is a comprehensive website for modern design ideas, consider consulting the Interior Designers of Canada or the Canadian Decorators' Association. Regardless of whether you decide to bring an interior designer on board, both websites offer excellent information and tips on home decorating and renovation, and can be a handy resource for homeowners embarking on any type of home renovation project.