ET2 LED Pendant Lights

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ET2 pendant lighting offers more choice than ever before. You benefit from the latest modern trends and can even choose innovations like LED lighting for your home.

Switching to LED

An exciting change has revolutionized modern lighting, allowing people to install stylish lighting while reducing their impact on the environment. It’s worth considering the switch to LED lighting and what that will mean for your home. The Moonbeam LED Pendant is a perfect example of an LED pendant light. It combines the sleek, modern design that ET2 pendant lights are famous for with LED lighting.
When you make the switch to LED lighting, there are no special installation differences. You install it just the same way you would install a pendant that uses incandescent bulbs.

Benefits of LED Pendant Lights

LED pendant lights offer many benefits. An LED bulb can last for up to 100,000 hours without needing to be changed. That translates into 20 years of life if you turn on your light for eight hours a day. Perfect for people who dread climbing a ladder to change a light bulb. After all, you may enjoy your fun Dazed 8-Light Pendant but that doesn’t mean you want to see it up close every few months. When you’re dealing with a pendant light with multiple bulbs, it’s nice to spend years not changing them. Their low maintenance is a definite advantage for homeowners.
Another advantage of LED lighting is the savings over the lifetime of the bulb. With its low power consumption, converting your lights to LED lighting can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a bulb’s lifetime.
In addition to not cluttering landfill sites with the potentially harmful chemicals like mercury, ET2 pendant lighting is built to last. LED is shock, vibration, and impact-resistant. That makes it great for lighting outdoor spots.

Small vs. Larger Spaces

If you’re planning on changing the lighting for a foyer or other small space, LED pendants offer a stylish light that can fill the space. Even a single LED light, like the Arch 1-Light Pendant, is enough to provide enough light to get things done.
Traditionally, pendant lights aren’t seen as strong enough to light a large room alone. Fortunately, modern lighting trends have helped remedy this perception. A hot trend is hanging three or more pendants in a row to provide more light and a striking visual display. By hanging the Disco 1-Light Pendant side by side by side, you can light the area fully and create a visually balanced look over your kitchen island or table.
If the room features neutral lighting, choosing a brightly-coloured ET2 pendant light is a good choice to brighten the room. It’s an instant way to modernize an older kitchen. Although three lights, or another odd number, draw the eye and make the room seem balanced, don’t be afraid of using an even number of pendant lights. Sometimes larger pendants can overpower the room if there are too many in a row.
ET2 LED pendant lights are an innovative, stylish, and environmentally-friendly way for you to light up the rooms in your home.