Choosing the Right ET2 Lighting for Your Home

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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a chandelier or a pendant light, ET2 lighting offers a vast selection of lighting to suit your needs and taste. Whether it’s updating a room or a full-scale redesign project with the help of an interior decorator, you can find modern, sleek designs for your home.

Switching to LED

LED lighting is a giant leap forward for modern lighting and a great way to update your home. ET2 lighting offers many styles of LED lighting so you can enjoy its advantages in any room. Consider the Moonbeam LED Pendant for your foyer or dining room. It offers beauty and innovation.
By switching to ET2 LED lighting, you can enjoy the beauty of your light without having to climb up and change the bulb regularly. In fact, LED bulbs have an average life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours. That means your light fixture could use the same bulb for up to 20 years if you had the light on for eight hours each day.
LED lighting is also environmentally-friendly since the bulbs themselves contain no harmful toxins. They are easy to recycle and resistant to shock, impact, and vibrations. This makes LED lighting a great addition to your patio or security lighting.

Small Space Lighting

Small spaces offer big design opportunities. You can choose between lighting that is flush to the wall, on the ceiling, or hanging pendant lights.
Modern pendant lights offer a wide variety of styles so you can find the right one for your room. You can keep it simple or find grander models, like the Spiral 3-Light Pendant, that resemble chandeliers. The ET2 Spiral Pendant offers the grand elegance of a chandelier but on a smaller scale for your foyer or room.


Nothing conveys elegance and extravagance quite like a chandelier. Modern chandeliers feature stylish designs that can suit any room in the house. The ET2 Bloom 6-Light Chandelier is a perfect example of art blending with functionality for a graceful and modern twist on the traditional chandelier. To ensure that your lighting makes an impact, it’s important to hang it properly. If the chandelier is hanging over a dining room table or a kitchen island, it should be positioned about 30–32” above the table.
For open spaces like living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and foyers, your chandelier should be at least seven feet off of the ground. This gives even your tallest guest some clearance as they move around. If you have a two-story foyer or high ceilings, try placing the chandelier nine feet above the floor. You can also adjust the chandelier’s position so it’s visible through a window. That way your guests are greeted by it’s welcoming light before you even open the door.
Changing your lighting is an easy, quick way to refresh your home without committing to costly renovations. A simple change in lighting can give a room a new focal point and add a modern touch to a dated décor. When you choose ET2 lighting, you’re bringing home stylish, modern lighting that can add value to your home for years to come.