Choosing the Right ET2 Chandelier for You

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Choosing the right ET2 chandelier is important since it conveys style, grace, and elegance. Your chandelier is the focal point of the room so take the time to look at different styles.

Where to Hang that Chandelier

There was a time when chandeliers were relegated to the dining room but modern design trends have set majestic chandeliers free. You can hang your chandelier in the dining room, living room, bedroom, foyer, or any other room that can use a dramatic touch. Where the chandelier hangs will have an impact on the style of chandelier you choose. If you’re overwhelmed by the interior lighting choices available, consider hiring an interior decorator to help you choose the right chandelier for your room.

Dining Room

The dining room is still a favourite place for chandeliers. When you’re choosing a style, it’s important to keep the dining room table’s dimensions in mind so your chandelier will remain the focal point of the room. Carefully measure the table and the space between the tabletop and ceiling. Select a chandelier that is six inches narrower than the table on each side. It should sit about 30 inches above your dining room table for perfect clearance and a balanced look.
You can choose a modern chandelier or a more traditional look. It’s important to consider how you use the room. If it’s a place to host family dinners, you may want a chandelier that directs light up, out of people’s faces. The ET2 Vortex 5-Light Chandelier is a modern choice that lights the room without blinding anyone who happens to glance up.


Whether it’s a super modern look you’re looking for or a touch of romance, there’s nothing quite like a chandelier in the bedroom. To ensure that you choose the right chandelier for your bedroom, know your room’s measurements before beginning your search. You don’t want the chandelier to be too big or too small for the room. A 15 x 19 foot room needs a 34” diameter chandelier. Even the type of bed matters when picking the lighting for your room. A 36” diameter chandelier may look perfect for a king or queen-sized bed but overpower a double or twin bed. For a smaller bed, choose a smaller chandelier. Skip the 36” and go with a 24” diameter chandelier instead to maintain the balance of the room.
Choose a chandelier that fits your style and the style of the room. You don’t have to stick to traditional lighting, feel free to try something more whimsical or fun. For example, the ET2 Bloom 6-Light Chandelier bursts into bloom, bringing warmth and romance to your bedroom. It’s a great match for designer rooms, floral patterns, and a bedroom that needs that special something to make it unique and welcoming.
It’s important to choose the right chandelier for your room. Before purchasing a chandelier, make sure you choose a size that won’t overpower other furnishings. Consider whether you need the light pointing down for homework or office work or whether it needs to shine up out of people’s eyes while socializing. ET2 has a plethora of stylish, modern chandeliers that will look great in your apartment, house, or condo.