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Embarking on a renovation project? Designing a new dining or living room? Lighting is one of the most important and defining elements of a room and one which can totally transform the ambiance of a space with its striking visual effects. Of the myriad of home light options available online to the Canadian customer, Crystorama’s chandeliers are a true classic with a rich heritage and a flexibility to adapt to contemporary styles. Traditionally a dining room favourite, the many styles of chandeliers make it a perfect choice to add glamour and style throughout the home – from the bathroom to the bedroom.
Crystorama Lighting is a well-established family-owned business which has dominated the North American chandelier market and inspired interior designers since its inception in 1958. Exceptional products and incomparable customer service drove the company’s success as it became the go-to for timeless and elegant chandeliers. Recent years have seen Crystorama expand from its original focus of importing crystal chandeliers from Czechoslovakia to its inclusion of fashion-forward, trend-setting contemporary styles.
Crystorama chandeliers are an investment which will add a glamorous and luxurious feel to any space. With light reflecting off each piece of crystal, an enchanting atmosphere is created and a family heirloom is born. The main Crystorama chandelier styles are available online via Click Lighting and include the following:



The traditional Crystorama chandelier typically features ornate details and fine materials such as the hand painted wrought iron 6-light Solaris fixture.




The original and magnificent crystal Crystorama chandelier is unparalleled in its elegance. Products available online through the Click Lighting website such as Mercer 10-Light Chandelier capture the beauty of a waterfall with its hand-polished crystal accents, complimented by a wrought iron construction and English bronze finish.




The smaller scale chandelier is perfect for smaller space such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Also, ideal in closets and nurseries, the compact mini provides an elegant and luxurious upgrade at a petite price!




Clean lines and limited detailing characterize the modern chandelier, which sometimes features futuristic shapes and designs. Crystorama’s sleek Cameron 8-Light Chandelier geometric motifs and pure white glass make it a striking visual piece which demands attention and compliments sparse interiors perfectly.


Regardless of which style of Crystorama chandelier you choose, you can be guaranteed a unique and meticulously-crafted masterpiece with a touch of history and glamour, which will delight you for years to come.


Click Lighting have the distinction of being Canada’s only online provider of the most popular American and Canadian lighting fixtures. Due to its Canadian base, it is an excellent choice for Canadian customers as there are no hidden charges – no cross-border brokerage fees, no duties - and free shipping once you spend over $99. Whether you are looking to update a room or add a touch of glamour, Click Lighting’s fast delivery and affordable prices make it a popular choice for Crystorama chandeliers and all your lighting and furniture needs.