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Crystorama Ceiling Lights

If you are redesigning a whole house or decorating a new home, lighting is a key element in achieving a professional look and making your house a home. It may seem like a simple task, but the sheer variety of lighting options, as well important considerations such as placement, size and wattage make it a more complicated but still enjoyable undertaking.
For most, the main function of a ceiling light is to provide general illumination to a room, however, the right choice can enable you to enjoy a space at its full potential – creating specific moods and ambiances while serving an important function. Choosing an exquisite crystal chandelier to hang in an entryway conveys a dramatic and stylish first impression which will linger long after your guests have left. Opting for an unexpected fixture, such as a mini chandelier in a bathroom makes a strong style statement and turns a functional room into an inspirational and sophisticated space. The versatile pendant light offers decorative flourishes and excels in showcasing smaller areas such as kitchen islands and dining room tables. However, flush mounts are an ultra-smart and fashionable option which are available online from prominent and established lighting companies such as Crystorama Lighting.
Below are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the right ceiling light.

Ceiling Height

If your ceiling is lower than 8 feet, a semi-flush fitting may be perfect. Unlike a pendant light, this fixture is typically suspended by a mount and drops down slightly to cast light across the surface of the ceiling. Crystorama’s ‘Solstice’ collection of chandeliers includes a 3-light semi-flush mount which incorporates a crystal shade in an antique silver cage, creating a dramatic and ambient effect. Particularly popular in area of high activity, such as hallways, kitchens and playrooms, semi-flush fixtures hang from 6 to 21 inches from the ceiling and still allow ample space below.
For ceilings lower than 7 feet, Crystorama’s ‘Astro’ series includes a flush mount which hugs the ceiling directly and combines Old World whimsy with astronomical accents. However, these fixtures are available in an array of metallic finishes – consider the ‘Broche’ series which features wrought iron leaves in burnished antique gold or English bronze. There is even a two-tone option within this collection which showcases the mixed metal trend in an elegant and dramatic manner.
Another important consideration for Canadian customers is the high custom charges which are often associated with purchasing items from companies such as the US-based Crystorama. Delivering convenience and affordability, Canada-based online retailer Click Lighting avoid expensive custom taxes and offer free shipping on items over $99. Their website features hundreds of Crystorama’s most popular and high-quality products. Offering affordable price points and encompassing every style and trend from modern and industrial to rustic and two-toned, Crystorama ceiling lights are a flexible option which will suit any décor and budget.