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Crystorama Lighting Group has long been synonymous with intricate craftsmanship, meticulous design and traditional crystal lighting. A family-owned company since 1958, Crystorama built its reputation not only on sourcing the highest quality crystal but also on providing sincere customer care. Now a world leader in design trends, the historic brand combines its old world expertise with advances in technology to offer contemporary styles which bridge the gap between traditional and modern.
Made famous by the exquisite craftsmanship demanded by their chandeliers, Crystorama offers luxurious but affordable lighting options throughout the home, including chandeliers, bathroom fixtures, pendants, wall sconces, island fixtures, flush-mount ceiling lights, or semi-flush ceiling lights.
A chandelier light will not only provide ambient illumination but can serve as a conversation piece and a focal point for a room. Although chandelier lighting is one of the most popular types of lighting for the home, the sheer variety of options can feel overwhelming to the Canadian consumer. Finding the appropriate piece for each space requires a certain skill and experience, something which a company such as Click Lighting offer through their dedication to scouting out the highest quality products.
Before choosing a design, it is important for the customer to consider the following:

1. How to determine the optimum width of the chandelier

Take the measurements of the room in feet and add the length of the room to that of the width. The result will give you the approximate diameter of your chandelier in inches. For example, if the room is 15 feet by 10 feet, the sum is 25 feet. The approximate diameter of that room’s chandelier should be 25 inches.

Alternatively, it is useful to measure the width of the item of furniture the chandelier will hang over, such as a dining room table. Once measured, take the result and divide it by two and this will give you the approximate width of the chandelier.


2. How to determine the ideal chandelier hanging height

Generally speaking, the ideal chandelier hanging height is approximately 32 inches above a table top. A useful rule of thumb is 2.5-3 inches for each foot of ceiling height. However, if high ceilings (i.e., a ceiling above 8 foot) are a feature of the room in which the chandelier will hang, increase the hanging height of your chandelier by 1 inch for every additional foot you have that is above 9 feet.


Chandeliers may not be suitable for every room in your home. Crystorama Canada’s portfolio also includes attractive contemporary options which are perfect for entryways or foyers. Hand-painted English bronze pendants from the Cameron range feature smooth surfaces and clean lines which impart an air of elegance to smaller spaces.


Also, if you are considering making a purchase from the Crystorama range in Canada, Canada-based companies such as Click Lighting can provide exceptional value allowing you to avoid cross-border brokerage fees, shipping or customs duties. Click Lighting also offers a lowest price guarantee and free shipping for all orders over $99.