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Crystal Chandeliers for Homes in Canada

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Crystal Chandeliers for Homes in Canada

The Allure
Are you a first time chandelier buyer or a long-time fan? For many in Canada, a real crystal chandelier is synonymous with elegance and opulence, sometimes too much so. Some may be put off buying one, as they fear they may not have the right décor or setting to complement it. Admittedly, for most chandeliers, a certain amount of space is a requirement. One must allow head room when installing to avoid painful collisions, as well as finding a size of chandelier that looks harmonious in the space, advice on which you can get from a reliable decorator. However, as for setting, a chandelier complements almost any decorative lay out. Space and budget really are the only limitations.
The Background
Chandeliers have a long and rich history. Developments in glass-making in Europe meant that by the 18th century, an all crystal chandelier became affordable, at least in comparison to what it would have been before that.
The developments also increased the popularity of lead crystals as a material for chandeliers. Lead crystals have certain qualities of clarity and softness, which make them ideal for cutting into faceted shapes that will catch the light. They have light scattering properties, which spread the light over a greater distance and give that sparkling, twinkling effect that makes chandeliers so desirable. They were even more so in the 18th century, as the people of that time were dependent on candles as their only meagre light source, so anything that increased the amount of light being produced was welcome.
The Preparations
The amount of change or preparation needed before installing a chandelier very much depends on what type or size you’re interested in. It is possible to get a small chandelier, if it is required for a room with low ceilings. Weight is the main consideration. Faceted crystals, while beautiful, can also be quite heavy, especially when strung in quantity from a metal chandelier frame. The recommended guideline is that once the chandelier is over 15lbs, you will require a special electrical box to help support it, much like the type used when installing a ceiling fan. Even heavier chandeliers may require dedicated mounting hardware.
With perhaps the exception of some basement apartments, many dwellings in Canada are built to allow in a lot of natural light through large windows, and, as a result, often have the headspace to allow for some variety of pendant light. Whether this is a chandelier, or something more muted is up to them.
The Pay Off

The appeal of crystal chandeliers is that they are both classic and timeless. They may hark back to fashions from a hundred, two hundred or even three hundred years ago, but they are just as beautiful now as they were then. The light quality that they generate is flattering and eye catching. The twinkle of their crystals is as pleasing to the eye as watching a moving stream, or waves crash on the beach.
As mentioned above, if a chandelier is something that you’ve set your heart on, then home size is not necessarily a limitation. There are many reputable lighting companies in Canada that will help you find something elegant and within your budget.