Corbett Ceiling Lights: Stylish Illumination

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Corbett Ceiling Light

Made famous for their magnificent eye for detail and quality materials used within their products, Corbett Ceiling Lights have become shorthand for exceptional design while maintaining classic, and contemporary, hand-forged aesthetics that will improve and illuminate any interior or exterior. Their beautiful ranges of ceiling lights extend to:
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Ceiling Fixtures
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts
  • Island Lights

Designer and Custom Ranges

Corbett Lighting has been in business for over 40 years now and have specialised in exclusive and artisanal collections made with exceptional care and precision. The high style of Corbett Lighting's products is evidenced by the use of handmade Japanese paper, bias cut crystals, and a variety of other materials inspired by fine jewellery and other eclectic design elements. They have won "Lighting Manufacturer of the Year" Award at the 22nd and 23rd Annual ARTS Award Gala.

Considerations When Choosing Your Corbett Ceiling Light

Here are just a few considerations to ruminate on before you settle on your preferred Corbett lighting design.
Ceiling Height – This is quite an important aspect of your ceiling light decision, as you want the correct design that complements and illuminates your room, but, it must also fit perfectly within said space. A low-hanging chandelier is of little use in a room with a low ceiling.
Style and Finish – Your Corbett Ceiling light should complement and improve the room. Choose something tasteful that complements the room’s décor and its furnishings. It is good to remember that a carefully chosen ceiling light can be a beautiful centrepiece for any room. For instance, a chandelier light will not only provide ambient and tasteful illumination but can serve as a conversation piece and a focal point for a room.
Size – A very important consideration as there can be a big difference in ceiling light sizes such as chandeliers or pendants. Remember the size of the ceiling light will determine the amount of illumination that the room will be provided with, and again the rooms dimensions should be taken into account before you settle on a light fixture.
Illumination – How much light does the room need? Some may want the room in question to be particularly bright, some may require a soft ambient light. Many other factors come into play, for instance, does the room have wall lights, do they come on with the main light or are they switched independently? Are there table lamps and floor lamps in the room?
Finding the appropriate piece for each space requires a certain skill and experience, something which a company such as Click Lighting offer through their dedication to scouting out the highest quality products. It is important to bear in mind when purchasing from the Corbett Ceiling Light range in Canada, that the best value is available online from Canada-based companies such as Click Lighting. This helps you to avoid cross-border brokerage fees, shipping or customs duties. Click Lighting offer a lowest price guarantee and free shipping for all orders over $99.