Bare Bulb Pendants: A New Take on Something Old

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Bare Bulb Pendants: A New Take on Something Old

One of the trendiest and most modern looks in lighting hark back to the days of Edison. Filament bare bulb pendant fixtures give your space an element of style, offering sleek lines that are complementary to a number of décor and taste preferences – from turn-of-the century to typical Nordic to country farm chic and anything and everything in between.
Whether displayed as a single pendant, floor lamp or clustered as a chandelier, bare bulb light fixtures are a statement piece. Sure to strike up conversation when house guests or customers come by your home or commercial space, these antique-style yet modern fixtures come in a variety of finishes and bulb shapes.
Different Types of Incandescent Bulb Shapes
As the name suggests, bare bulb pendants consists of an exposed bulb. There is no shade to cover the bulb since it is the bulb itself that is the visual focal point. So, it’s important that you consider the shape of the bulb or bulbs when picking an Edison light fixture for your home, office, restaurant or any other space, as this light fixture goes well in just about any room.
The four most common types of bulb shapes are considered general service bulbs. These bulbs are:
  • General (the A bulb)
  • Mushroom or elliptical (the E bulb)
  • Sign (the S bulb)
  • Tubular (the T bulb)

General / A Bulb

The general bulb, also called the A bulb, is perhaps the most common general service bulb shape seen and used throughout most properties. It has a short cylindrical base that gradually widens and rounds from the bulb socket out to a more spherical shape. The A bulb would be the most traditional in shape and appearance in comparison to the E, S and T bulbs.

Mushroom / Elliptical / E Bulb

The mushroom or elliptical bulb, which also goes by the name "E bulb,” Is very similar in shape to the general bulb; however, the E bulb is usually larger and more elongated. Its base is also shorter in length, before it expands to a more oval shaped sphere.

Sign / S Bulb

Don’t let its name fool you: no, this bulb is not shaped like the letter "S.” This bulb looks nothing like the alphabetical letter. Unlike the A and E bulbs, this bulb does not have a cylindrical base. Rather, it gradually expands right from the socket. It is more tubular shaped in comparison to the former two bulbs, although it is not a complete tube shape. It slowly widens as it moves further away from the bulb socket.

Tubular / T Bulb

The tubular / T bulb also does not consist of a cylindrical base. However, unlike the S bulb, the entire T bulb is essentially cylindrical in shape, with a rounded tip. This bulb is typically longer than the A, E and S bulbs. It’s skinny and long and has more of an industrial feel in appearance than the others.
All of these bulbs offer different hues of light, including the more popular white hues and yellow hues. White lights emit a more clean and crisp, pure light, ideal for workspaces. Yellow lights are better for ambient or mood lighting. They give off a warmer, more inviting and even more romantic shade of light, making them perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, restaurants, bars and more. Bare bulb pendant fixtures usually use bulbs that emit the yellow, warmer hue.
For inspiration, or to learn more about bare bulb pendant light fixtures, floor lamps or chandeliers, check out your local light fixture retailer, or better yet, check online! Most light fixture retailers have an online store where you can see their complete inventory, all in one convenient location – your computer!